About the Centre Normand-Léveillé Foundation

Centre Normand-Léveillé

The Foundation helps the Centre Normand-Léveillé in achieving its mission to people living with disabilities. Its role is essential to ensure the continuity and development of quality services for people with disabilities and their families. It supports the center in the development of services aimed at ensuring the well-being and development of people with disabilities and providing relaxation time to the families. It is committed to providing a complete and caring place for those who visit the center. The Foundation contributes to the maintenance and improvement of the center’s facilities and equipment so that they remain safe and up to date. The foundation wants to ensure this is an innovative center and that it provides a great experience to the participants. The Foundation’s main mandate is to organize fund raising campaigns, collect donations and ensure sound management in order to contribute to the availability of the center’s services and facilities to the greatest number of people living with disabilities.

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