Whether you are a real hockey fan or not, join Ultimate Challenge and help us raise funds for the Fondation du Centre Normand-Léveillé. By registering and donating $25 you can win the ultimate prize of $500 000 while supporting the mission and cause of the foundation.

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Your ULTIMATE CHALLENGE is to successfully predict the results of the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs. With a perfect selection of the entire bracket, you will win the grand prize of $500 000.

STEP 1: REGISTER NOW with a $25 donation for the benefit of the “Fondation du Centre Normand-Léveillé”.

STEP 2: MAKE YOUR WHOLE SELECTION OF THE PLAYOFFS BRACKET as soon as all 16 playoffs spots have been determined in early April 2019, by predicting the winning team and the number of games required to win each of the 15 series.

DON’T WAIT, REGISTER NOW and we will contact you by email as soon as the teams selection period is opened.

About the foundation

The “Fondation du Centre Normand-Léveillé” supports the “Centre Normand-Léveillé” which is a non profit organization whose purpose is to provide, throughout the year, adapted services for people with special needs, requiring supervision and assistance. In the form of day services and on site stays with accommodation, these services are offered at a large site in the wilderness, that is safe, accessible and adapted in order to maximize the potential of the participants, to value their esteem, to create spaces of victory in addition to providing moments of relaxation to families!

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Ultimate Challenge tests your ability to correctly predict the entire results of the 2019 National Hockey League playoffs bracket leading to the Stanley Cup. You can register now !


Is eligible to participate in Ultimate Challenge any person who resides in the province of Quebec, Canada and is 18 years old or over. Each participant can complete one or multiple Entry Forms. There is a maximum of 20 000 participants in total.


A donation of $25 to the benefit of the Fondation du Centre Normand-Léveillé shall be made to activate your participation. An official receipt for tax purposes will be issued.


Your Ultimate Challenge is to correctly predict the entire playoffs bracket by selecting the winning team of each of the 15 playoffs series and the number of games for the selected team to win each of its series.


Your final selection of the entire bracket will have to be registered online, no later than 1 hour prior to the start of the first game of the playoffs for the National Hockey League.


If you are the only participant to successfully predict the entire playoffs bracket, you will win the Ultimate Challenge prize of $500 000. This prize will be divided equally among the winners in the event of multiple winners.

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